The blockchain isn't magic, it's a tool

How to deal with Bitcoin’s volatility? How to best secure your coins? How to avoid getting scammed? Learning about Bitcoin is a massive learning curve, and even after you invest the time to learn it there is still 0 guarantee you'll ever make any money. If you don't do your research, you're likely to get burned.

We help you separate the signal from the noise

News outlets, social media news feeds chase shiny objects and create noise. Their goals are short term, and they're confused because of it. It's impossible to learn about Bitcoin in this environment. You're constantly hit with conflicting opinions, and the result is that people either choose to go all in or stay out entirely. They invest in everything or nothing, because they don't have developed systems for sorting the signal from the noise. It's easy to see cryptocurrency a tangled knot of chaos. We show you how to separate Bitcoin from that knot, and how to take the time to understand Bitcoin first, before moving on to other coins or tokens.

Hi my name is Kiara,

I'm not here to hype Bitcoin, I'm here to promote understanding. When I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin I spent years studying economics and learning how to code. But it wasn’t until I learned about this concept of systems thinking, and how to frame that knowledge into mental models that I saw success in explaining these complicated concepts to other people. What Bitcoin is—is much easier to understand, when you hear why it was created, and how it's evolved over the years. In this training I frame everything in line with that story. The untold history of Bitcoin. I spent a year drafting and redrafting the visual material in this training for you. In this course I answer your questions and you get a community to learn along with. My job is not just to give you the materials in the book, but to walk you through each piece and make sure you understand every bit of it, and go away with confidence in your ability to use it.

We do Bitcoin traning differently

The traditional method of education focuses on learning by analysis and is broken because of it. Bitcoin Clarity is the product of coming up with our own system. Instead of treating Bitcoin as an object to be broken apart into code and crypto. We treat Bitcoin as system that be understood by looking at its functions.

Analytical education (old)

The process of analysis takes you inside of the system, breaks the system it's aiming to understand into parts to get an understanding of what the parts do, then reassembles the parts to get an understanding of the whole. The process of analysis answers how questions, it can give you the knowledge of how Bitcoin works. Why bitcoin works, why it was created, and why other blockchains don’t necessarily share the same potential are questions that can not be answered by a process of analysis.
Synthetic education (new)

Bitcoin Clarity uses a synthetic training method that aims at deep understanding. This method, unlike traditional courses, focuses on mental models not memorizing Bitcoin trivia or interesting facts. The process of synthesis takes you outside of the system of the blockchain, into the systems Bitcoin lives in, markets and your financial mindset. This is an environment where you can ask any question you have about Bitcoin, get feedback, and learn to make decisions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency yourself.

How our method works

Traditional education systems attempt to brainwash their students with the right information. Given accurate information about Bitcoin as a system, and the mental models needed to understand the technical details of it, we provide students with the building blocks and an environment where they can come to their own conclusions on the value of the world in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Learn the way that best suits you

You do not need to be a developer, or an expert and economics to use Bitcoin. Experts in all fields, know how to add value, and understand the importance of clarity and efficiency. With 1 to 2 hours a week of video content you can learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. Bitcoin Clarity comes with an online platform, community discussions, and a physical book.

Get Bitcoin Clarity the book

You know the history of The Great Depression, the dot-com bubble, and the Wall Street crash but have you heard of Tulip mania? Selling Tulips in the 1600’s was the first major instance of selling futures contracts, and now tulip mania is known as one of the most famous market bubbles and crashes of all time. Is Bitcoin a bubble? This is the biggest question potential users want to know. In the book you’ll learn the history of cypherpunks, the first Bitcoin client, the Howey Test, and much more. The book is written for people who may already have some understanding of Bitcoin, and have some experience using it. The Bitcoin Clarity exclusive physical book is only available here and for a limited time over Bitcoin's Lightning network.
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For people who want a more in-depth 1-on-1 experience in learning more about Bitcoin join the Bitcoin Clarity Accelerator and we'll ship you the Bitcoin Clarity book for free. This training is 10-weeks long, and we cover everything from the underlying technicals to market analysis. We remove the industry jargon for you, and teach you what you need to know to be an educated consumer in cryptocurrency.
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